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Sunday, February 9, 2014

sunday night check-in : week 1

Chad helped me check my body fat this evening using a skin caliber test and a girth test.  I used the Accu-Measure caliber [purchased from Scheels] and a cloth ruler.  I put all my information into the Precision Nutrition website [I purchased the binder before Christmas because it was half price! The binder and the site is chock full of good information, mostly researched and some based off others' experiences.]

Right now, I currently weight 140 lbs (definitely goes UP and DOWN) but 140 is the best average.  My heaviest weight at this height [5'11"] was 162lbs in 2006 and my lowest was 127lbs in 2012.  I think 140-145 is ideal for me if I can have muscle tone and strength.  

Right now I am at 17.6% body fat.  My highest skin folds were my back and thighs.  

My goal is to be at 14% body fat by June.....aka bikini season!


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