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Monday, February 17, 2014

operation GET FIT - day one!

So I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I also believe that life is all about CHOICES.  Choices in your actions, your emotions, your outlook on life, etc.  (I even debated naming this blog with 'making choices' being the main theme. )  We all hear too often that people blame outside sources on the reasons that life happens to them the way it does.  Now there are definitely situations that are out of one's control, but you choose how to handle those setbacks.

My life has been in a rut just with my outlook on life and my routines through life.  I decided to make CHOICES and put myself out there to have some good change happen.  And let me tell you,  law of attraction WORKS.  Big time!  (Working at lululemon taught me that!)

I follow some girls on instagram who are from Utah and are huge motivators on changing their lives and getting fit.  (@jazzythings and @dallasrae)  They decided to host a clinic on healthy eating and alternative training.  The clinic was over the weekend and was an awesome price for all the freebies we got!  I even won two 40 minute massages, a 4lb tub of protein powder, and a waffle maker!  Pretty much those things paid for the clinic!  I'll share my cooking and tricks later.

But I also learned of an awesome gym called Pure Workout.  It's a gym that focuses on training the entire body (but not in a crossfit way.  Nothing against crossfit, but I've known tons of people who've been seriously injured because 'faster is better'. )  I want to lift heavy shit AND have proper form.  This gym offers a 6 week program for people to put a deposit down (incentive to stick to the plan!) and then either lose 20lbs, 5% body fat, and/or gain lean muscle.  I'm a unique contestant because I am underweight and I want to gain muscle (hello chicken wing arms!) and tone.  I'm getting my body fat tested at a real facility tomorrow using the bod pod so it's more accurate than my caliber test.

I'm on a strict nutrition diet and have to workout at Pure Workout five days a week.  After six weeks if I hit my goal, then I get my deposit back!  Wahoo!

I will be posting pictures of some of our workout exercises and hopefully give ideas to train differently than just cardio and lifting weights.


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