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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

beam me up scotty!

...or just find me my actual body fat % and fat free mass.

Chad helped me out with a caliber test the other week.  Now I can see if a professional does it, you'll probably get more accurate results.  But as I perused the internet at pictures of people at certain body fat percentages, I realized quickly that there was NO WAY I was 17% body fat.  That's like my IDEAL body fat!

My results for this challenge aren't weight loss.  They will be for body fat and mainly my fat free mass. So insert the BOD POD! (Star Trek quote worthy right?)
No this isn't me.  However, smiling is my favorite! 

The Bod Pod is an air displacement test that calculates your body composition.  It's really quick and easy.  15 minute appointment from beginning to end.  Painless!

My body fat percentage is at 21.6% and my fat free mass is 110.015 lbs.  And that body free mass number includes my bones and organs too.  The goal is to lose some body fat while gaining muscle  (fat free mass!) I'm talking with my trainer tomorrow to get actual numbers so I have an actual goal.  :)

I definitely recommend checking your local universities to see if they offer a test like this.  The weight scale means nothing people!  Skinny fat is not cute....right Miley? eyes! my eyes!


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