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Here are my confessions as a book addict:  I LOVE TO READ!
- I love it for the adventure and suspense.  When I read a book that allows me to be transported into someone else's world, it always keeps me coming back for more.
-I love it because there is always something to learn.  I am a student for life and so picking up a great non-fiction piece like a biography or a self help book is just what I need to make sure my wheels never stop turning.
-I love it because of the communication!  I could talk about books for days and love when I find someone who shares that passion.

Below are a list of books that are currently on my 'bookshelf' to read (I don't really own them yet).  Please comment with any books that are on your must read list so I can add them to mine!
If you click on the book it will take you straight to Amazon. com to read more about it.  Huzzah! Thanks @jackicarr for this great idea!


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