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Sunday, April 20, 2014

muscle gainz!

I don't know why the fitness world writes 'gainz' or 'dem shoulders doe' etc.  But I like it!

My six week program ended with Pure Workout at the end of March.  I went back to the bod pod to measure my fat free muscle loss.  (This is what I was going for.  Most people in the challenge were either losing 20 lbs or losing 5% body fat.  They were willing to work with me and instead I was trying to gain 5 pounds of muscle mass.)

I am HAPPY TO REPORT that I gained 5.4 lbs of fat free mass!

I also gained 1.2 lbs of fat, which was kind of expected.  It's hard to gain muscle and not fat too.  My body fat% didn't change.

I am going to continue going to Pure Workout after school and adding in more HIIT cardio in the mornings and on the weekends.  I would like to shed some fat that is layering over my new muscle.  I am also starting T25 from Beachbody and starting a Focus T25 Challenge Group in the upcoming weeks. (more info on this later! but if you're interested me at

My favorite fat burning activities are sprints (either around the track tabata style) or up hills until I can't run anymore.  I've done the Highland High stairs twice which really burns my legs.  I'm always there with HS football players and it makes me push harder.


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