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Friday, April 18, 2014

friday favorites

I'm back!  I'm back!

I am sad about the hiatus...and I know it's cliche to say that 'life got in the way', but it did!  I started committing myself and my time into multiple areas of my life and typing on the blog just fell off the wagon.  I committed my time to teaching and my fourth grade team.  I committed to my 6 week challenge! (more on that in a later post!) and I committed to getting our new house underway.  Spring Fever hit me hard and I felt like I wanted to organize, clean, and get ready to be successful!

I wanted to start out with my Friday Favorites because I've been up to a lot!

Favorite Food:  Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Dill Weed and Garlic Salt. Seriously.  Ask everyone at my school (because they can smell me a mile away!)

Favorite Exercise Move: BURPEES!  PW has us do a LOT of burpees and it's crazy how much easier they have become.  The way I was taught to do burpees is jump, push up position, chest to floor (basically drop, this isn't a controlled pushup), push back up, feet to hands, jump! The burpee is more about cardio than strength, so going fast and not concentrating on the pushup is key!

Favorite Stretch: using a foam roller on my hip flexors and IT band.  Magic in my Muscles right there. 

Favorite Workout Accessory: the Contigo water bottle.  I swear I should get sponsor money on how many people I convert to this amazing bottle.  Usually, I show people a demonstration about it's awesomeness but I will let you figure it out. 

Favorite Random Thing!: I love cats/kittens.  A lot.  I love all animals and my heart strings pull for any of them.  I lucked out that two rescue cats fell into my lap when they were 8 week old kittens.  I've been a crazy cat person ever since!  They are just TOO funny and cuddly not to love!  Google Funny Cat Videos and there goes your entire day. 


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